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Ekzo ice cream is a bolt from the blue! Responsible serious people abandon their business and start frolicking around after taking just one bite of this ice cream.

  • Cheer up the audience with a fresh and juicy Ekzo digital project.
  • Announce two new crazy Ekzo flavors: «Ekzo Mohito» and «Ekzo Strawberry Mohito».

Create a game for the iPhone in line with ongoing advertising campaign of crazy fruit Ekzo ice cream.

Idea — Turn the rules
upside down!
We turned everything upside down and made the rules follow you.
Instead of having 22 game levels we have just one. But this one level has 22 different rules to play by!
A game with insane rules.
You are an ekzochutist and had to jump out of a burning plane. Your super-secretive super-hard super-mission is to not allow the fruit pass you by in the air.

You have to catch the flying fruit while in a free fall. The fruits that you’ve missed drop on your screen and obstruct the view. You need to catch as many as you can to successfully open the parachute and get through the level.

OK, maybe so.

So you lovingly download the iPhone app. Then you gently touch the screen with the tip of your finger and get ready to enjoy... When all of a sudden!.. Overflowing madness! Twist and turn your iPhone! How do I control the parachutist? Well, did you twist and turn your iPhone? It’s getting hotter!

Those fruit will make your screen break out a sweat. Thought you’ve won? But all of a sudden everything is pitch black. Next thing — a gyroscope is not controlling the parachutist any more. And finally — whoa! — you’re a strawberry!

And it keeps going. The audience is fully immersed. Thousands of people — including 250 Chinese bloggers — are crazy about the game. The stronger the flavor, the greater the desire. Ekzo ice cream is accompanied by ovations and triumph.